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Zeroinfy targets latest syllabus to power up professional skills. This education based startup is taking over the marketing by offering a better shape of courses for professionals. It is an innovative way to learn about new things and keep you updated about the current market requirements. With the help of technology, Zeroinfy is able to provide an online educational platform. This includes courses support for CA, CS, CFA, UPSC, IIT-JEE, CMA, etc. Rightnow the startup is in a process to expand their course line by adding more new information.

Founded in 2015 this Kolkata based startup has video lectures that are created by experienced teachers. With this through the website students can also create notes, or contact the teacher for support. Only those teachers who are having experience of more than 5 years are accepted. The startup is also expanding its roots in different part of country. Zeronify ties up with different teachers who can offer valuable lectures for students. After contacting the teacher, respective lectures are uploaded on the website that is accessible to students from anywhere. Zeronify is started with an aim to simplify education system.

There are ample of students that cannot afford extra classes or tuitions. This startup offer valuable lectures that can clarify many doubts of students. To improvise the course structure, the founders tie up with many teachers for a single course lecture. This adds variation and more knowledge. Zeroinfy is a paid service. At first student who are willing to see the lectures can go with the demo videos. Later on the charges for videos are based on a fee. That starts from Rs.500 and goes to maximum Rs.10, 000 for the full lecture. Compared to this offline courses are far more costly. Targeting a huge platform due to digital platform helped Zeroinfy to expand more and get stable revenue. Students do get lot of choices to simply select the topic they are finding tough and locate relevant videos.


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