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Zenta: Live Life Stress-free


Tracking your mind and heart!

In a busy lifestyle, it is difficult to strike a perfect balance between mind and heart in order to live a healthy life. What are possible options available that can help you to stay fit from all angles? Yoga, Exercise, Meditations, etc. are some key activities that everybody can follow to stay fit. To enhance your fitness regime, UK-based startup Vinaya brings Zenta, a $249 wearable device that is capable of giving you all features of a fitness tracker, along with emotion management.

Who needs an Emotion Tracker?

At a certain point of time, you are stressed out but you fail to notice your stress.  Zenta alerts you on such mood changes. In this way, you can divert your mind in activities that bring calmness and happiness to you. Zenta tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiration and electrodermal activity to predict your emotional status that is displayed on its dedicated app.


  • Zenta is a smart wearable device that brings features of a fitness tracker and emotion management.
  • With the help of its dedicated Smartphone app, it can tell users about the current stress status.

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