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Zenefits Bans Crude Behavior in the Office

HR startup company Zenefits has recently enforced new rules following the crude behavior of its employees. The incident involved the inappropriate conduct of the said employees after getting drunk in the office.

Incoming CEO of Zenefits, David Sacks has banned alcohol, smoking and sex on the office premises. The startup was launched about three years ago and is known to have had a party atmosphere. But they realized that thing have gone way out of hand when they found out that the employees were involved in having sex in the stairwell after some wild parties.

All the employees received a rather uncomfortable email after this shocking discovery. “It has been brought to our attention by building management and Security that the stairwells are being used inappropriately….” the email began.

Sacks is of the opinion that it is necessary that the employees cultivate more mature behavior in the workplace and has made it a part of the memo that was sent to the staff last Wednesday. The memo mentions how it is difficult to draw a line when it comes to appropriate and inappropriate drinking in office. Certain reports even say that it is common practice for the staff to do a round of shots every time a new client is signed.

The spokesperson of Zenefits, Kenneth Baer talked about the new ban and commented that this is all a part a new phase of the company, following the coming into power of its new CEO.


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