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World’s first Floating Smartphone with 256bit AES Encryption and Mood Recognizer

Comet is an Indiegogo project, which brings a waterproof floating Smartphone. The device has great features like changing led color via mood sensor, powerful 126bbit AES encryption and durable design.

Water damage is a common factor that destroys millions of devices worldwide. Water resistant technology used in the device, is still not satisfactory for the buyers. And features get limited if you go with the devices under rugged series. Overall it becomes tough to locate a device with latest hardware, great features and durable design. A startup is attempting to build a device that floats on water and covers latest features. It is a project on Indiegogo currently, knows as ‘Comet’. Entirely waterproof and buoyant design makes it a long lasting device powered by good hardware and loaded with appealing features.

Comet is not a final product. It’s a project that is raising funds on Indiegogo, and the video above just shows the graphical image of device. Feature point of view it looks pretty awesome from every angle. Having a water resistant design allows buyers to use the phone without worrying about any liquid damage. It is powered by 2.5Ghz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU and 4GB RAM. Available size variations are 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Smart thing about Comet is that it can sense body temperature and adjust the screen led color. It also features 16MP front and rear camera.

Comet looks promising model with features it has promised. The cost of Super Early edition is $249 for 32GB, $279 for 64GB. The project does not provide any final prototype. The device design looks good a simple curve shape body. It is essential for buyers to have a look on the final product if interested in purchase.


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