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Why women empowerment still lacks even in 21st Century?

Women empower each other!

“Everybody should become a feminist.” at least that’s what my eight grade school teacher said once during our personality development class. Without knowing the actual meaning, I agreed upon that one day I would be a “feminist” to unknowingly prove something to someone. However growing up, I started to observe widening prejudices in society— defining feminism and why the world needs more radical opportunities for so-called weak gender instead any expression of activism. But the question still remains;does this world have enough women in power to motivate the new generation? I think there are role models in glorious pages of award ceremonies. The ground reality is that the woman’s place, whether its education, equal pay or even entrepreneurship, still awaits its due.

All over the world, the entrepreneurial activity of women is less as compared to men. According to reports by the World Bank, they own or operate only 25% to 33% of all private businesses in the world. India also lacks a multi-stakeholder approach which would help, Accelerating Women Entrepreneurship. The main reason for that is women-owned businesses is undercapitalized and has less growth ventures. IFC reports (2014) also indicates that the total financial requirement of women-owned MSMEs in 2012 was around Indian rupees (INR) 8.68 trillion, whereas the total supply of formal finance supplied to them was around INR 2.31 trillion, resulting in a financing gap of INR 6.37 trillion, or 73% of the total demand.

The challenges faced by women when it comes to entrepreneurship is not limited but more than that and they are listed as follows

  • Policy:
    35% of women entrepreneurs face problem while registering their enterprise, particularly within the heavy manufacturing and textile industries and 40% of women were displeased with the Government’s provision of infrastructure.
  • Network
    40% of women entrepreneurs faced difficulties in gaining access to networks of suppliers and other vendors. Women’s participation in networking groups may be partly limited by social inhibitions.
  • Market
    40% of women entrepreneurs faced difficulties in gaining access to networks of suppliers and other vendors. Women’s participation in networking groups may be partly limited by social inhibitions.
  • Finance
    Nearly 90% of women entrepreneurs report turnovers of less than INR 50 lakhs, with 5% earning more than a crore.Most women are risk averse about receiving external sources of funding, being more comfortable relying on personal resources. This results in their businesses remaining small and unable to scale up.
  • Technology
    67% of women entrepreneurs do not use technology for business functions, aside from communications. 30% of women entrepreneurs indicated that identifying technology requirements and determining appropriate technology investments were challenges
  • Socio-Cultural
    Nearly 50% of women respondents indicated instances of discrimination or negative bias from Government officials when doing business with women entrepreneurs.Women indicated that overcoming gender challenges was necessary in order to scale their businesses

Lets look at the bright side, In order to overcome this gender gap in entrepreneurial society, various organizations and NGO initiatives are helping women all over. Let’s take a look at that and how they are redefining women and their venture.

Sheroes, it’s a career network for women. It is ultimate career destination for all women professionals who want to be committed to successful work life. It is diverse and has huge range of opportunities for every woman such as employers. It features flex friendly formats, mompreneur programs, partnership programs and much more. It has operated over 5000 location, served 10, 000, 00 women, 7000 companies connected and 5000 successful stories.

HEN or also known as Her Entrepreneurial Network is a platform to bring all Indian women entrepreneurs so they can get inspired, informed and support each other so that they can create prosperous business as well as balance their personal and professional life. It was started on 5th January in the year 2011 and as of now, it has more than 5600+ Indian Women Entrepreneurs.

TiEStree Shakti (TSS) is a movement which intends to connect and help entrepreneur women from various socio-economic strata through series of activities. TSS was created and launched by TiE Mumbai in also collaboration with other TiE chapters too in the year 2009 and is committed to create ‘Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in India.

Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is a platform where they create various programmes that build confidence, capability and capital in women. It emphasizes developing women’s micro, small and medium companies into growing and sustainable businesses. Their programmes includes enterprise development programme, mentoring women in business programme and mobile technology programme.

Grace Hopper Fullstack Academy was started in 2013 has been trying to provide students with a great quality, engaging and lasting coding education.  It has been helping future programmers with full-time immersive web development program so that they can establish themselves as successful software engineers.

Day by day, more movement is gaining pace to empower women and give them what they deserve.

What do you think about these women empowering organizations and how well they will help upcoming and flourishing women entrepreneurs? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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