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Why Your Sales Team Can Make Or Break Your Startup’s Success

Outside of creating content and keeping the business afloat, startup entrepreneurs have plenty to consider upon initial establishment. In any startup, the sales team should be well trained and built because of its impact on the success of the company.

Entrepreneurs take hiring a team of capable and self-motivated individuals to effectively move products into the hands of consumers very seriously. The role of a sales team is consequential in business because if the team isn’t able to fully conduct their tasks, the success of the startup is jeopardized. This guide will outline the reasons why a sales team is critical to any startup.

  • Establishing a Sales Strategy

Determining the sales strategy your team will follow is necessary before actually developing the team itself. Understanding the importance of developing the team will help business owners map out routes and goals to be achieved. Business owners who aren’t sure of their track develop sales teams to help in keeping up with data and metrics.

This means outlining specific business objectives that include revenue increasing goals, customer retention, and acquisitions. These goals and objectives will also help in monitoring sales team metrics, successes, and necessary changes. These metrics are the starting point for any startup to gauge effectiveness and ability to meet consumer demands.

  • Roles and Delegation

A sales team will help determine whether a small team of multi-faceted individuals is ideal over a large team with specific responsibilities. This is critical when drawing out long-term goals but must begin at the startup stage of the business.

Most startups move towards a small sales team of highly talented individuals that contribute to different aspects to help with overall growth. On-boarding a team with specialized talents increases chances of securing new leads and managing strong relationships with decision makers. Startups consider hiring business representatives in sales development, field sales, account executives and effectively training them using various training companies and software.

  • Reveal Unknown Issues

Having a strong sales team will help businesses uncover consistent issues or inadequacies from potential consumers through objections. Businesses who aren’t honest about the inadequacies of their product or business are in denial because they are inevitable.

It is paramount to listen to why consumers are reluctant to buy your product for you to address them directly. As a business, the main goal is to fulfill or supply a gap in consumer demand. Sales teams are ideal in revealing why your business might be falling short.

  • Talented Individuals

Building a successful sales team helps businesses decipher special characteristics in talented individuals for the sales team and company-wide staff. The working responsibilities of a startup sales team are different from that of an already established, mature and developed company.

Members of the sales team of startups typically encompass resilience, optimistic, confident and flexible. A small startup has more on the line to lose so their hiring and on boarding process involves seeking out the most talented individuals. Upon building the ideal sales team, startups enhance and strengthen their talents with powerful performance driven software like Refract.

  • Set the Tone

The sales team for any startup is typically the first point of contact for potential customers, which enhances the importance of the team. The initial contact sets the tone for what customers can expect from the company they decide to give their business to. Upon the initial contact, the sales team operates as customer service through their interaction with customers and potential consumers.

Potential consumer experiences with the sales team reflect on the company, so it is critical your sales team is well trained. Many businesses utilize Refract to guarantee the best possible training process to ensure they have a strong and effective sales team.

  • Identify Target Market

The sales team of a startup is a powerful tool in effectively identifying the target market of products or service offering. As a sales teams’ main purpose is to sell, the team is capable of identifying if the currently targeted market is ideal. Sometimes, changes and reformations are necessary to target a different audience or make the product more ideal for the existing audience.

The sales team is able to work alongside marketers to test the waters of an audience and report back with metrics. When a strong sales team isn’t able to reach the specific target audience, the company can reconstruct their strategies.

  • Constantly Learning and Improving

A strong sales team member is resilient and able to adequately digest growth from all mistakes and great victories. This is not only important for the sales team, but also for the whole team involved in building a startup. For any startup to truly succeed, the company must learn to grow at an alarming and consistent forward moving rate.

The sales team is capable of influencing forward movement and growth even when outcomes aren’t as expected. The traits of resilience, optimism, and confidence are absolutely critical in the early stages of a startup. They can be a significant determining factor in heights of success achieved.

A sales team is one of the most important aspects of any business, especially a recently established startup. Within a startup, staff roles are 3-dimensional because of their abilities to fulfill various responsibilities. No matter the process, your sales team must fully understand the process of effectively acquiring new leads and selling the product.

“Not using a tool for creating proposals can lead to a negative outcome for a lot (if not most!) of your sales pitches. Which can be especially painful if you’re just starting out.”

Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a freelance writer and Philly based photographer.

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