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Why Should Startups Use Reporting Tools?

Reporting is an essential aspect of any field service business regardless of the size. It involves the process of collecting and compiling field data. The information recorded in these reports includes tasks completed by field staff, tools, and spare parts used if any.

In the past, companies were limited to hand-written field reports. Everything was done manually, which, as you’d expect, was quite demanding, especially on a busy day. That’s no longer the case, at least for those businesses that have embraced new developments in technology.

Today, there are many field service management applications, much like this lawn care software from Jobber, that are designed to streamline operations. With these systems, firms can maximize their effectiveness by targeting their efforts in the best possible way.

Do you want further information about the benefits of reporting tools? Keep reading our article to learn more!

1. Reduces errors

One thing that’s synonymous with manual records is human error. It’s common to find a field employee making unnecessary mistakes either due to pressure or lack of concentration. Regardless of the cause, such habits can have a significant impact on the reputation of any business.

Fortunately, there are a variety of automated reporting tools currently on the market. Many companies have realized the importance of these innovations and are constantly investing in them. As a start-up, this should be a priority to reduce errors occurring.

It’s worth noting that most reporting tools today are directly integrated into a company’s database. Records are updated instantly and automatically, even when done remotely. Should Startups

2. Faster payment

To boost your financial status and remain competitive as a start-up business, you’ll need quick payments from your clients to maintain and improve cash flow. Significant delays will not only cause frustration, but may even lead to reducing your chances of succeeding in your industry. As such, you should always ensure that you get paid within the shortest time possible, and reporting tools can help you achieve this. The leading cause of delayed payments is late invoicing. Many businesses have their invoices triggered days or weeks after the job is done. As such, it can take months to be paid.

However, with reporting tools, your invoice is triggered almost immediately after the job is done. All information, from work orders to the customer’s signature, is recorded instantly, making the whole procedure short and precise.

3. Better customer care service

Customers are among the biggest stakeholders in any business. Therefore, their demands need to be met for you to continue competing with the best in the market. Customers want to receive all the necessary information regarding a job so that they can adjust their schedule accordingly.

With reporting tools, you have everything you need to share this information with your clients before, during, and after the project. Some of the important data that should be shared include the name of the visiting technician, the time of dispatch, expected time of arrival, and any other messages worth sharing.

4. Quick access to project information

Of course, the quality of customer service depends on how prepared your workers are for the job. With reporting tools, everything is right at their fingertips. You can prepare your technician for whatever task they are expected to complete and attach all the necessary information to the work orders.

Things like schematics and other technical documents can be quite bulky, especially when the technician is assigned more than one job for the day. Field management tools, however, make it possible for the worker to access these documents from the company database without having to carry around unnecessary hard copies. Such an abundance of resources increases the first-time fix rate, which is a factor that’s always impacted a company’s reputation due to improved customer satisfaction.


Does your business setup require you to send technicians to the field every now and then? Investing in reporting tools will improve your chances of protecting your business’s success by enhancing customer satisfaction.

With this technology, your workers can relay any recorded information to the office without having to hand-write them. Apart from better customer care service, you’ll also enjoy fewer delays in receiving payments because invoices will be triggered as soon as the job is done.


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