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What To Do If You Are Hit by A Company Vehicle

A company vehicle is a truck, van, or other vehicle used for business purposes. The company will usually hire a driver or appoint one of its employees to transport inventory, work equipment, or make deliveries. Since these drivers are the face of the company when they are running their errands with the company vehicle, they ought to be on their best behavior and drive safely concerning other drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, the drivers could be over speeding, distracted or intoxicated, or too tired, causing an accident or hitting one of the pedestrians on the road. If this has happened to you, here are the key steps you need to fight for your health and justice.

Seek medical attention urgently

Your health and safety are more important than any compensation or confrontation you are likely to have with the driver that caused the accident. The first thing you should do after being hit is to call 911. If you are severely injured and cannot stand or walk, call an ambulance or request your loved ones to give you a ride to the hospital. Even though you feel you don’t need to see a doctor, we advise you to visit a primary physician or go to the ER for a complete physical examination. If any injuries surface days or weeks after the accident and you fail to seek medical attention, the company insurance might refuse to compensate you. Your medical records will come in handy if things escalate and you find yourself in court.

Collect viable evidence

Immediately you seek medical assistance, and it would be best to gather as much evidence as you can to support your case. Take numerous photos of the accident scene, the vehicle’s number plate, and the debris scattered on the road. You should also ensure you obtain the other driver’s information, such as their name, position in the company, company name, and insurance information. Witnesses at the accident scene are also a precious asset that can vouch for you and give an account of what happened in the moments leading up to the accident. Well, don’t leave without collecting their names, phone numbers, and addresses. Any relevant evidence you can provide will help your attorney build a strong case so that you can receive compensation.

Refrain from speaking to any insurance company

It is not uncommon for the company’s insurance provider to reach out to you after the accident. The insurance company might try to get a recorded statement of the accident from you and use your words against you. In another case, the other insurance company might convince you to drop the case and, in exchange, offer you a hefty sum. Once you accept this amount, you cannot file a lawsuit in the future if any additional inconveniences occur. It would be best to avoid speaking to any other insurance company apart from your insurance company to avoid manipulation. You should also avoid accepting a settlement because the amount might not be enough to cater to your medical bills.

Reach out to a qualified accident attorney

Any auto accident involving business vehicles can be very complicated. It is bound to be emotionally draining. There is the question of establishing fault given it involves a company vehicle. If the company is to shoulder responsibility, they might even refuse to compensate you for your injuries and damages incurred. You are also bound to encounter unfamiliar legal terms and heaps of paperwork as you try to fight for your rights.

This is why it is best to seek legal help from a reputable personal injury attorney in your area. You could go to the Internet, type hire an accident attorney near me and find one with a track record in similar cases. Ensure you look for proof of qualifications, certifications and expertise in handling cases related to auto accidents. Don’t fall victim to a bad or rogue attorney! It will also help if you read any web reviews to get a feel of customer experience. Your car accident attorney ought to have the empathy and the will to help. They should also be easily accessible if you need to call them in an emergency.

Have realistic expectations

Last but not least, it would help if you were realistic with the amount you expect to receive from the company. Your compensation will most likely cover rehabilitation, medical bills, and a standard weekly compensation. Unfortunately, you will not receive compensation for pain and suffering. Your car accident attorney also must temper any unrealistic expectations and let you know how your case might pan out.

Wrapping up

Immediately after the accident, you might be dazed and confused. The trauma and pain from the collision might hinder you from thinking straight. However, the steps discussed in this article will help you get much-needed medical attention and seek compensation from the company or the party responsible for hitting you.

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