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Waverly Labs unveils Pilot, a unique earpiece translator

Pilot is a portable earpiece that can help to initiate communication between two people who speaks different language. It is developed by a New York based startup, and will cost around $129 after launch.

A common issue traveler’s face in new places is unfamiliarity with the native language, leading to confusion. Wearable translation devices can overcome the language barrier. It can help to communicate better and share information. New York-based startup came out with an idea to overcome the barriers by having a translator device in the form of an earpiece, portable and easy to use, Pilot can become an ideal traveler’s companion. Early bird edition of Pilot will cost around $129 via the pre-order campaign. Retail edition will cost around $249-$299.

The first generation can translate between languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc with additional updates coming up in future. A few packs of languages will be free to use after buying the earpiece, but will also have a paid pack of premium languages.

Video above offers a glimpse of how it really works. Two speakers require wearing the earpiece when they talk, the device will translate it to the language selected. In case if one user is not having an earpiece, then you can still use the app for conversation. This is the first generation of Pilot that will work well on one to one interaction. However, the startup does not guarantee perfect dialect translation for every accent. The next generation will be providing a powerful translation by targeting more voices around and giving a perfect translation service. Similar to Pilot, ili is the first wearable translator that comes in the form neck piece.

How can it help?

The wearable translator is a time saver. We have ample of apps on Smartphone that can translate text and audio. But the accuracy is not up to the mark. Instead, a wearable device like Pilot can ease the process and save valuable time. Ideally helpful in terms of a business meet. Professionals travel around the globe and not possible for everyone to get translator assistance. The pilot can fill up the gap and help them to crack instant deal. By using speech recognition, a user does not require to feed any data in it. Machine translation automates the translation process and voice synthesis helps Pilot to give accurate translation directly in the ears of the user.

Those who does not own earpiece can take help from Waverly Labs Smartphone app. Users can turn on a loudspeaker and use it like a direct translation service. The pilot can understand and handle a few bunch of languages right now. In coming future, there would be more in the list like German, Slavic, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew. English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are the common language support.

After wearing Pilot, users can speak in their own languages. The device takes care for proper translation and giving the right information exchange needed.  The current version is limited to the device. Anyone who wants to use it will require to wear Pilot. Also, there is a short delay in the translation. Upcoming developments in the device will help users to get a much accurate translation and effective output. With the new version, we can expect to get much more accuracy in the translation. The developers do not guarantee a 100% accurate translation.

The pilot works with the help of Smartphone app. When a user speaks the Smartphone app listen to the voice and process it. Depending on the selected language it converts and sends the same to the person on the other end wearing Pilot.


  • A pilot is a wearable ear piece translator offering translation in English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.
  • It has a dedicated app that later can help users to communicate with those who are not wearing the ear piece.

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