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VibeDate Helps Users Plan their Perfect Date


VibeDate to the Rescue!

Nowadays, more and more online dating apps are being developed that helps you to find a perfect partner. These apps mostly use your common field of interest and matches accordingly. But, the real test is when you decide to meet someone for a date. Always remember the phrase ‘First impression is your last impression’. Hence, you try hard for not ruining your dating experience. For this, you need to plan a perfect date, which is difficult. There are hardly any apps that allow/help the user to plan a perfect date. VibeDate to the rescue! Planning a perfect date is no more a daunting task. VibeDate is an Australian startup that aims to add spice and romance to your life. Whether it is a new date or an old one, VibeDate has customized ideas for all. After all, dinner and movie dates are so clichéd.

About VibeDate’s Growth

The idea of VibeDate came from the famous TV show, The Bachelor. Co-founder, Maggie Partsi realized that if so many people enjoyed watching others go on fun dates on TV, they might also enjoy going on some fun dates themselves. Partsi and her partner Tony Dymock officially started the business late last year after winning a pitch fest in their native Australia. They invested their winning amount in setting up an Australian Business Number and a website. Alongside, they also took part in a Startup Expo at Pause Fest, a digital festival in Australia.

How to use the app?

Using VibeDate is very simple. You just have to enter some of your personal information along with date preferences and budget. It will suggest you the best plan for a perfect date.

VibeDate includes different categories depending upon the type you prefer, like – foodie, adventure, romantic, nature, bar, surprise and even bestie dates. Once you have entered all the details, sit back and relax, as the company takes over and make all the arrangements. VibeDate can plan dates anywhere from $50 to $2,000. It has collaborated with some of the popular date locations and vendors in order to avail discounts for the couple.

Currently, the startup provides its services only in Melbourne and Victoria. In the near future, VibeDate will produce a Date Book with some of the most popular date ideas they have created in each category.


  • Developed by an Australian startup, VibeDate is a dating app that has customized ideas for all. Hence, plan your perfect date with VibeDate.
  • VibeDate offers different dating experience in different categories in the range of $50 to $2,000.
  • Users have a great benefit with this app as they now don’t need to be burden with all the arrangements of the Date.
  • Moreover, it has collaborated with some of the popular date locations and vendors in order to avail discounts for the couple.

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