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US Startup raises $3.9 million to create smart breast pump

Naya Health, an American startup comes out with a smarter option for new mothers.

It’s surprising to know, that a US based startup raised $3.9 million to make a smart and unique breast pump for new mothers that is connected through an app. This detects how much milk the mother is able to produce and records the pump sessions automatically. Moreover, it gives personalized advice to moms on breast feeding, thus promoting the concept of “quantified parenting”. All of this will help the mothers in scheduling the feeding time and avoid over-feeding or under-feeding their babies.

This smart pump possesses softer cups as compared to the ordinary breast pump. These cups make use of the updated water-based hydraulic system rather than a pneumatic or air-based system, to extract milk from the breast that eliminates the noise. The smart pump will not only prove satisfactory for the babies, but also to the mothers since it’s sleeker, hassle-free and quieter. It is a boon for the working mothers as they can look after feeding their babies through the app, even when at workplace. Married couple and parents of three kinds, Janica and Jeff Alvarez are the co-founders of Naya Health.

This product for mothers is already out in the market.


  • Naya Health, a US based startup raised $3.9 million to make smart breast pump for mothers.
  • This smart pump is connected through an app that records the amount of milk produced and number of pumping sessions.
  • It also gives advice to the mothers on breast feeding.

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