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US-based Startup Introduces FitSleep: A Sleep Tracker

Your personal lullaby! Treat your insomnia now.

Good sleep results in good health. Doctors recommend a healthy sleeping habit for balancing physical and mental health. In today’s busy lifestyle, what can be done to maintain it? Depression, excessive work, poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating affect the sleeping pattern. US-based startup iFutureLab, created a device that can track your sleep and ensure that you get an undisturbed bed rest.

FitSleep is a sleep tracker that helps you to sleep well and quicker. Just place it below your sleeping mattress or pillow. It has a dedicated Smartphone app that connects with FitSleep, tracks your heart rate, breathing, movements and sleep pattern. It emits 0-13Hz alpha waves that can help you to have a deeper sleep. You don’t need a doctor to treat your insomnia.

Fitsleep is a sleep logger. The smart device is ideal for those who find hard to sleep well in the night due to many reasons. FitSleep sends alpha waves that calm all the on-going activities in your brain, offering a deeper sleep. When you sleep earlier, you get more time for rest. FitSleep contributes majorly towards sleep efficiency. You can have a look on the device functionality in the above video.

Fitsleep is good for improving your current sleep conditions. It is not a device that can help those who are having medical conditions. The device is just designed to offer good sleep along with tracking of sleep patterns.


  • Fitsleep is a sleep tracker. It helps in tracking up various body activities while you are asleep. On that basis, it sends alpha waves that contribute in deeper sleep.
  • The device has a Smartphone app, where users can checkout all logged data.

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