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Unlikely Businesses That Are Thriving During This Pandemic

With the epidemic spreading globally faster than anyone may have initially predicted, the COVID-19 coronavirus has forced an extremely fast, and quite severe response. As we see governments across the world step up their efforts as they have been, as countries such as India send the entire 1.2 billion population into lockdown for 21 days, and the hardest hit such as Italy dishing out heavy penalties for those found outside their homes, we’re now able to see the instant impact as a result of all this.

As residents experience the forced lockdown, this has also been passed on to business. Restaurants, cafés, clothing stores – anywhere that a crowd can gather in a public space has been asked to close for the time being. There are growing concerns that many of these, especially smaller businesses, will not survive as predictions could see this lasting as long as summer. And while there is misery for some, this unique situation has provided a platform for huge growth and success for others.

The digital era has provided a unique opportunity for many – as many are asked to stay home, we’ve seen internet usage rise globally, giving those who have their platform operate that way a chance to capture a wider audience. You can expect the usual suspects to make the list here – big streaming services such as Netflix and the newly released Disney+ have been able to capitalize on this, seeing a steady increase in viewership. On a similar note, live streaming platforms have also been able to find success here, those who use popular streaming service Twitch have increased the hours in which they operate, some even streaming for 12+ hours daily to provide entertainment to those trapped at home.

Online and offline video game providers have also managed to find success during the crisis – in the midst of this one of the leaders, Nintendo, were able to capture a huge market when releasing their latest flagship offering in Animal Crossing: New Horizons performing extremely well. With other releases approaching on the dedicated platforms, we can expect to see that trend continue as the lockdowns also continue. This also extends to mobile gaming which is already doing extremely well – the quick access games will serve to offer good distraction to those who need it, we also find unlikely growth with online betting and casino services too as mobile users flock to keep themselves busy – online company 888 have said whilst they have taken a big hit as sports events are being cancelled globally, they have seen a big hit for the casino and poker products. It isn’t just those UK firms that are seeing growth in their casino products, but there are a good number of non UK casinos that will be seeing growth too – at The Best Casinos review them. In a challenging economic environment, this industry is on the rise.

With continued uncertainty at the period of time we could be experiencing this for, it’s inevitable that we will see many suffer from closures and temporary setbacks. But there may also be a lot to learn and to look at from those who have been able to capture a wider audience and thrive during a period of struggle, but to also show a strength to many as the digital platforms we rely on day to day continue to show how valuable they are.

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