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Uber introduces food delivery service, UberEats

Feeling Hungry, Let Uber find food!

Experimenting into on-demand food sector is what Uber planning. It has launched its new service ‘UberEATS’ in Singapore, by tying up with 100 restaurants around the country. It has started working on the model recently to target the food sector delivery. Compared to existing competitors in the market, Uber has an edge due to its current business model. It connects the people with drivers to offer fast travel service. Uber will be using the same platform to provide a faster food delivery instantly to buyers and can have a good margin compared to competitors.

Knows as UberEats, it accepts payment via Uber account. A user has the composite choice of paying for the taxi and now the food both through one window. UberEATS is a platform is similar to existing popular food delivery app. They act as a tech-driven mediator that connects restaurants with buyers via the internet. Users have a choice to select the dish they want and pay the exact amount with lucrative offers. They can track their food delivery and the person who is bringing eats, similar UI that we see on Uber app as well.

Talking about Singapore, it is already home to various food delivery platforms that can result in stiff competition. Foodpanda is among popular apps that have a good market share and serving many. With it, there is many restaurants and fast food chain offering their own online service. Uber rather is sticking with a common model to connect the buyers with restaurants. The success relies upon, how popular the app becomes among the users in future.

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UberEATS is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, Melbourne, Washington, D.C, and multiple cities in Canada.


  • UberEATS is a new platform by Uber to offer on-demand foods through an app.
  • Currently active in Singapore, Uber has tied up with more than 100 restaurants.

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