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Uber Introduces Cabs with Wheel Chair in London

UberWAV, a new cab service for disabled travelers. The cab features a comfortable wheelchair to offer them an ultimate traveling experience.

World’s leading cab aggregator, Uber launches a new service for disabled passengers, called as ‘UberWAV’.  Contributing in good deeds, this new cab service comes with a comfortable wheelchair support and is cheaper than the regular Uber cabs. The service is available throughout Southern California. Passengers can call the cab by tapping on the ‘Wav’ option. Uber has started the service in Toronto in January 2016, after tying up with Dignity Transportation.

“Dignity Transportation is pleased to be partnering with Uber in their efforts to improve transportation for everyone. We can finally provide a less expensive on demand service with the same high level of quality we have been providing since 1990.” adds Jeff Pasoff, Owner of Dignity Transportation.

Very rare private cab services provides wheelchair service. It is difficult for the disabled to travel in public transport. Hence, Uber will prove a boon to them. Since the prominent cab company has added the feature in few cabs only, there are chances of having high wait time of around 25-40 minutes.

In India, yet none of the cab service has introduced any special service for disabled to travel in public transportation. Hence, most of them rely on private transport. If this initiative by Uber comes to India, it will help them to have an alternative in reaching their destination, especially those who don’t own vehicle.


  • Uber introduces UberWav, a private cab having a comfortable wheelchair support in London.
  • The cab is accessible through the Uber app by tapping on the ‘Wav’ option.

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