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Uber, the foremost Cab Aggregator, offers cashless payment in China.

Uber has recently allied with Alipay, China’s leading third-party online payment solution. Commuters can pay now through Alipay in their own currency.

Digital Wallet system is supportive on diverse buying platforms. It eliminates the requirement of carrying cash or cards. Anyone can add money via variety of payment gateways and use that to pay for shopping, bills, recharge, etc. Development in technology has made Digital Wallet system to be available everywhere. It is widely accepted by popular shopping portals also.

Cab service providers are now partnering with this system to extend the range of receiving money paid by commuters. Passengers don’t require paying by cash, or worry about change, or relying on machines. Linked digital wallet automatically makes the payment once the ride is over. In India, Uber has partnered with Paytm for auto-payment.  Ola another online cab booking taxi platform acknowledges payment via Ola Money.

Recently in China, taking a step ahead to ease cab payments, Uber tied up with Alipay. Backed by Alibaba Group, Alipay is a leading third party secure online platform with 40 million users worldwide. Foremost advantage is to simplify payment even if you are riding a cab in some other region. Travelers don’t require using multiple currencies.  A few months ago Uber disclosed that soon it will implement its proprietary wallet system for India, exclusively supporting Uber rides.


  • Uber partnered with Alipay in China to ease cab ride payment.
  • Alipay is a transaction free digital payment solution backed by Alibaba Group.

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