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Twitter to become point of interaction between Government and Startups

Twitter Seva will be launched on April 21. It will help entrepreneurs to connect directly with the government for feedback and information.

Government of India to launch Twitter Seva for Entrepreneurs on April 21, earlier reported by Economic Times.  Recently Nirmala Sitharaman had a meeting with entrepreneur to directly address their queries. The initiative shows that the Government also aims to develop platforms where Entrepreneurs can connect with the ministry and get feedback on various queries associated with startups.

Twitter seva would be a point of direct contact for startups to approach with their question. The service will help entrepreneurs to find help on various stages of startups. Government also proposes Startup India Scheme for young companies flourish and grow. Separating Startups from a Business entity, Startup India Scheme offers various supports for a new company to evolve.


The Startup India scheme is proposed for those startup firms which are interested in setting out their business in the long term market and focused on development. It is an important scheme which has points framed totally focusing on the development and growth of startups.

Before this scheme at earlier stages there were many restrictions, holding young entrepreneurs to come up with their ideas. The basic ones are tax problems, patent, firms not having adequate resources, problem of raising funds, issues with employment, growth factor, etc.

However with the plan initiated by the Modi government on January 16th 2016, has proved to be a boon not only for startup firms but also for young entrepreneurs. Those who have innovative ideas and desires can set up firms as per the points framed in the scheme.

Main factors to look upon:

  • No Inspection during first 3 years.
  • Easy Exit policy.
  • Self-declaration facility.
  • Upto 80% subsidy in patent rights.
  • Atal Innovation scheme for student entrepreneurs.


  • Twitter seva will help entrepreneurs to find solutions on various issues associated with Startup.
  • It will be a single point of fast interaction between the startup and ministry.

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