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Twitter acquired Peer, from Micro blogging to Employee analysis

Twitter has acquired Peer as reported recently by venturebeat. Peer is an Employee & Manager feedback platform.

Twitter has acquired Peer. It is a startup that offer platform for Employee & Manager feedback. There is a huge difference between the way Twitter and Peer works. Peer provides a comprehensive platform for employee analysis. Twitter has acquired the startup at an undisclosed deal.

At one side, Twitter offer social platform for the world to communicate, interact and share information. Peer is restricted to an employee and manager analysis. Yet it not clears how Twitter will be utilizing the platform. There is lot of difference among both. Another social platform LinkedIn is somewhat a social channel for professionals.

Twitter might plan to enter a corporate world by offering services that can let them to analyze the employee culture. Peer has been started long time back, now after Twitter’s acquisition its services are closed. It was founded by George Hu who was Chief Operating Officer at Salesforce.

The motive behind Peer is to create a platform for managers and employees assessment. The platform was also in a bit controversy, where a few experts things that it expose to some personal assessment. Twitter has not yet cleared what would be their next initiative to use Peer with the existing business.


  • Twitter acquired Peer in an unclosed deal. Peer is a startup that offers platform for employee and manager feedback
  • Peer is a platform to find out employees integrity towards their work and company. This lets the HR to deal with core issues of work culture.

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