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Tork Motorcycles gets fund from Ola Cabs Founders

Tork Motorcycles is building India’s first electric bike to make commuting cleaner. To back their attempt Ola Cab’s founders have funded them.

Tork Motorcycles, a Pune based company is building India’s first electric bike. It is founded by a Mechanical Engineer, Kapil Shelke in 2010. They claim to have already initiated to build prototypes of the motorbike, and it is expected to witness a launch in this year

The founder also went on to state that this motorbike would include a range of features like GPS, storage, cloud connectivity and phone charging which would also make this bike the first ‘smart’ motorbike in India. This much-awaited motorcycle has been named T6X.

Recently, Tork Motorcycles has managed to gain funding from Ola Cabs founder, led by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati.

The funds raised will be utilized to set up several manufacturing units across India, and further expand the ambit of the company’s functioning. Also, ‘charging units’ will be created across premier cities in India.

A rampant rise in petrol prices across the world, will pave the way for an ‘alternative’ source of energy, particularly for vehicles and bikes. Electric cars and bikes are to be generation’s next best solution to the crisis that awaits the world. Tork is such one company that bears testimony to an entire generation that is going to battle the dearth of resources in every aspect, and come up with unique, innovative solutions to make lives better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tork, a Pune based company is building India’s first electric motorbike.
  • Tork has recently managed to acquire funds from Ola Cabs founder, led by Bhavish Aggrawal and Ankit Bhati.

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