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What Are The Top Ten Consequential Business Gamble?

Anyone who wants to do business or begin a startup, must know that it is it most suited for the person who risks to challenge himself or herself. If you are someone who lacks courage or always cautious about everything then it’s no game for you. In order to run business or invest in one, you have to takes risks sometimes big and sometimes small. You will never know which bets gets you somewhere. It could be the worst decision or the best decision you ever made.

Just missed by luck!

  1. Roy Wayne – He was Apple co-founder along with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs but he quit after 12 days. He contributed the company’s logo and writing the Apple manual. He sold his shares for $800 which is now worth for $833.82 billion.
  2. Steve Case & Gerald Levin – The founders of internet company AOL Time Warner merged the internet company and later it bloomed into one of the biggest profit business.
  3. John Antioco – He was given opportunity to buy today’s famous online streaming service “Netflix” but he refused to invest and mocked executives out of his Texas office. If he had invested $50 million now he would have subjected to worth $72.36 billion.
  4. Jerry Yang – In 2008, Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion. He thought it was very less value for the company however after eight years, the company was sold at $4.6 billion.
  5. William Orton – When Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876, he offered opportunity to Western Union for $100,000 but they refused. Later Bell started his own company which was an immediate success.

Won by chance!

  1. Drew Houston & Arash Ferdowsi – In the year 2009, Steve Jobs offered $800 million to buy Dropbox but they declined and now the company is valued $3.5 billion.
  2. George Lucas – George Lucas negotiated to reduce his payment from $500,000 to $150,000 and wanted merchandising and franchise rights. He has gained $3.5 billion because of his gamble.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg – The Facebook founder was offered $10 million from social gaming site, Friendster. Again he was offered $75 million from MySpace but he turned that down. Due to this reason his net worth is $69.8 billion.
  4. Howard Schultz – Schultz was inspired by idea to having coffee outlets on every corner. He raised $400,000 to start his first shop known as ‘II Gionale’ and later he bought the name rights too.
  5. Larry Page & Sergey Brin – The Google founders wanted to sell the tech giant company for $1 million for George Bell but they were rejected. The price was bought down by $750,000 but Bell again turned down. Now the company’s valuation is $64 229 billion.

The infographic states everything you want to know.

What Are The Top Ten Consequential Business Gamble?
What Are The Top Ten Consequential Business Gamble?

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