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What some top investors think about “Startup’s


Top or the most influential investors around the globe has some secondary views on startup ecosystem .Rather investing,they prefer to go with concrete business plan

Startup ecosystem exist from long time. But we here very less from ace investors on it. Startup-buzz would cover in this article a few take of ace investors on Startup’s. The process that we observe from long time indulge with having a innovative yet very profitable concept that can lure investors and promising returns. Somehow Startup base is not able to catch eyes of ace investors.

We are having a huge list that we will compile into a article and will to share their views. According to them a business takes time to build. It has its success stories written on the basis of a timeline where the business makes its repo in the market. So predicting returns in short time is a risky or has less impact.

Startup’s are opposed by many ace investor’s that is why a separate league of investors are a key part of Startup ecosystem. Angel Investors are the prime among them. Startups do get funding from them on the basis of a concrete business plan they product and the documented growth factor. India on the other side is providing a big platform for startup’s to flourish.

A lot of things are growing around but yet Startup’s does not catch interest from those who lead the business world. Many investors instead of being having a strong hold on the Startup goes with part or fraction. There are multiple investors together fuel money to startup for its business operation. Another key aspect that let investors to invest in startup is its valuation. And then the other factors came into place. A lot of thing in the Startup environment take time to appear in front of consumers. It begins with the concept that does not let investors to have concrete trust on business life.


  • Top investors have a different view for the Startup ecosystem.
  • Many believe to have a concrete business model in-order to put their money, where Startup’s at the initial stage promise growth on the basis of valuation.

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