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Tinder Introduces ‘Smart Photos’ Feature that Promises More Matches

And then there is another side of the coin too!

So you have a display pic on Tinder, and it’s a good one too, you think. But things are still not rolling for you? Tinder is now going to help you in ensuring you get matches. With its new feature of ‘smart photos’, it now changes your pic by analyzing which one gets the most ‘likes’.

How Smart Photos Work?

Just go to the profile settings and switch on the ‘smart photos’ feature. From here on, Tinder will continuously test your profile pictures. Its algorithm will note which photos receive the most number of ‘likes’. Based on its findings, it will automatically change your profile photo. Not only this, the feature also takes into account the swiping patterns of people coming across your profile. The company claims that in the testing phase, this ‘smart photos’ feature increased the chances of getting a match to at least 12%.

But The Other Side Of The Coin Is….

It is a well-known fact that Tinder is a big data company. It has profile info on all its users and now with this feature, it will also get to know our preferences: the kind of people and photos we like. Doing this, it can pull all sorts of data that it likes, which is data mining. And since your Tinder account is linked to your Facebook account, there is nothing holding Tinder back from doing so. The company, interestingly, has never revealed what it does with so much data. Now with getting to understand what kind of pics you like, it would be able to tell if you like dogs or not; if you prefer blondes over others; whether you are into flashy people or other kind; and all these small bits will amount to a larger picture. So basically, Tinder is steadily moving beyond being just a match-making app.

But hey! Maybe for now, we can just sit back and enjoy more matches.

Do you think such features will improve the Tinder scene for people? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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