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Thriving The World From Archaic Technology To Artificial Intelligence

How Tech came to be – and specifically, how it came to be what it is – is a continuum.

It’s also a story of specific inventors and innovations; its needs to be seen in both context, one could say it began with the invention of Abacus – or with that of transistors but from Abacus to IC’s and then to information technologies, this progressively growing Silicon World is now progressing towards machine learning, thus we encounter the emergence of deep information technology.

Deep information technology can be interpreted as deep machine learning or artificial intelligence.

As technology has grown from text editors to voice search, developers compel devices to be more intelligent and smart, to provide users an efficient and full use of technology without getting into the complexity of it.

Deep machine learning is expanding its reach in every stream of technology be it medical science, networking home technologies and list goes on and on.

Deep information technology is mainly foreseen as personal assistants and advisers to humans and its kind. Currently there have been many developments on personal assistants based on artificial intelligence and it is hot cake in Silicon World now.

There are many startups that already produced some mindboggling products such as,

Asteria is world’s first AI companion as they claim. It is basically a device which feels the world around us in same manner as we do and grasps, interprets and learn from the data to get smarter thus acts as a bridge between one’s physical and digital life.

Contrasting to this there is another start-up named as Simpleread which is also based upon deep machine learning. The motive of this product is to provide user an efficient and precise content from internet. It monitors the reading habit of the user to learn from it and provide user reading contents from internet based upon user interest and benefit.

Another emerging start-up is which makes an artificial intelligence personal assistant who schedule meetings for you through your mail. Founded in 2014, it is a die-hard technological company which develops invisible software.

With the development of technology and the growing demand, created a technology which allows you to talk with the device while giving a positive response to your requests.

With the growing generation, these IT sectors are seeing a huge inflow of start-ups. And the companies like those mentioned above give a different level to the artificial intelligence of technology.

So, what are your views regarding these startups. Do let us know what you think. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below:

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Shubham Kumawat

Shubham Kumawat

Pursuing Masters Under-grad from George Washington University .Tech reporting interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

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