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Do you think Non-veg can be better without meat, find out how?

Gardien Vegan is an alternative solution for non-vegetarians to find delicious vegan food that taste like non-veg.

Modern Industrial Livestock agriculture is among one of the biggest industries in the world. But this also includes abuse, animal husbandry, slaughtering, etc. There are some companies planning to change the ideology by providing products that are applicable to vegans and non-vegans both. For example Gradien Vegan. A company that provides vegetarian food that tastes similar to non-veg. The founder of Gardien Vegan, Yves Potvin had this thought too. Among so many vegans over the world Yves has fulfilled his lifelong passion in setting up an organization that provides vegan food which tastes just like non-veg food.

As per the data on Wikipedia in the year 2012 around 1684 million Cattle and Buffaloes were used in the meat industry. 966 million pigs, 240275 million poultry and 2164 sheep’s and goats. Right now we don’t have popular products that can help non-vegetarian’s to shift their alternative to veg food due to lack of taste and availability. Companies like Gradien Vegan can have a major impact on meat consumption around globe.

Gradien Vega provides products into categories like Chick’n, Fishless, Beefless, Pocket meals and Holiday. Depending on the category the food that fall in Chick’n tastes similar to chicken. The product’s under this category are mandarin crispy chick’n, chick’n scallopini, teriyaki chick’n strips, etc.


  • One can simply click on the product and choose various dishes and enter the zip code and find stores where vegan products are available.
  • The service is available in America and Canada only. All vegan products provide a rich taste of non-veg food and are healthy at the same time.

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