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Things to keep in mind while hiring people for superior posts in a Startup.

Hiring for a high post is an essential aspect at the initial stage of a Startup. Startup-buzz covers up a few points to keep in mind before you start finding the right candidates.

When you set up a startup, having a marvellous team, which supports your startup’s vision in every possible way, is a crucial asset. Hiring the right candidates for your startup, thus becomes critically important. Because eventually the growth of startup depends mainly on, how efficiently and passionately the work is getting done. Moreover, hiring people for the superior posts is many folds trickier, as you are factually giving the reigns of your startup in their hands. To give you some simple insights on how to make hiring process less chaotic, we have assembled some steps to follow:

1. Comfortable with startup scenario:

Agree or not, working environment is much more different in a startup than an established business. When you look for a person to take up a superior post in your startup, your first query should be if he is comfortable to work in a startup environment. Work culture is usually very hectic as there is no 9 to 5 fixed work timings, if making various strategies for growth of the startup is the only though embedded in your mind.So, it becomes very important to find a person with same values and line of thinking as other members of the team.


2. Go for a smart worker rather than a hard worker:

A person at a higher post mostly draws work from his subordinates. So the much needed virtue of hardwork is extracted from low-ranking folks.  As the superior needs to handle all the brain works, smartness is an important feature to look for while hiring. There is no doubt, that scrupulous work benefits the organization, but doing it without clever approach is worthless. The person at superior post needs to be ingenious enough to make use of all the available resources at disposal, in the most profitable way.


3. Experience is over hyped:

Undeniably, experience teaches you hell loads of things. But, when your budget is tight and funds allocated aren’t enough to hire an experienced candidate, the best solution is to find a super skilled and talented person. Experienced person will obviously demand high wages. So the best replacement for experience is aptitude. Though, it is hard to find people with expertise, there are many startup enthusiast people with irrelevant experience. This could be quite tricky, but in the scrappy phase of startup, this could act as one of the best solutions to save money while contributing wisely towards the company’s growth.


4. Don’t get blinded by High Credentials:

People with high credentials can add huge value to the company’s asset, but unskilled people with high credential is a big overthrow. Evaluation of person’s skill should be focused on rather than his high credentials. It is not a case that people with high credentials aren’t commendable, but there subsists flawed amateurish people even in this flock.


5. Quickly test the candidate:

Other than good communication skills and excellent networking abilities, the mindset of the candidate under pressure and failure also reflects tons of things about him. So to analyse the person efficiently, a small questionnaire should be prepared for the candidate. The inquiry form should ideally include queries similar to these:

  1. How do you respond to work pressure?
  2. Does your work quality hamper under pressure?
  3. What would you do if the startup is evident to fail?
  4. What would you do if the startup is failing but you are succeeding somehow?
  5. How would you react if the startup succeeds in its aim?


Answers to these questions are likely to give certain impression about the candidate’s outlook, passion, personality and temperament. This helps you scrutinize the personality of the candidate, which should ideally be motivating, optimistic, confident and jovial.


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