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Does terribly famous cab booking apps is missing anything out?

Taxi service aggregators are booming on a large scale in India. Budget fares, instant availability and technology driven platform are the key reasons behind their popularity. But besides this do they need to work on their address tracking aspect?

Startups that offer cab services are booming extremely in India. Good transport service is among the widely used convenience for commuters. With affordable taxi fare, cab services have started integrating Motor Bikes called as Motorbike Taxi.  Startups like Uber and Ola are using a technology driven platform to give efficient services. An app can be used on smartphones to track a cab and instantly book one. The issue of paying cash to the driver is also eliminated as integrated payment gateway helps commuters to use Credit or Internet Banking or Wallets to make payment without worrying about change.

Most of the cab service startups are using GPS to provide a real-time tracking. And majority of them are using Google Maps. Amongst the most inconvenient thing about this service is telling the drivers to reach the prefect pickup point. This contributes more to the waiting time. Confusion is created over pointing out the exact pickup point, especially in the over-crowded areas or points located in nooks. Cab aggregators have no solution for this.

None of them have a default pointer from where passengers can be a picked up. It becomes more difficult when you are new to the place. Another major neglected issue is surcharge. A tactic used by cab service providers to charge higher in hours of peak times. Being a private industry, the charge is not regulated by government. Adding more to the transparency part will help cab service providers to establish a long lasting reputation.

What is require the most for them is to first develop or integrate technology that can add more accuracy to a pickup and removing surcharges that cost a passenger to pay higher than the estimated amount.


  • Cab Aggregators deal with problem of offering high accuracy in pickup location.
  • Extra surcharge in case of peak times or other requirement, can cost a passenger to pay higher than what was estimated.

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