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TATA enters into e-Commerce by launching TataCliq

TataCliq, unique Phygital Store!

“TataCliq” an online eCommerce platform to sell C.A.M.E.L.S. “Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves”. It brings a concept of Phygital (physical cum digital) marketplace to merge online and offline stores seamlessly under one platform. Buyers can place an order online, wait back at their home to get the delivery or visit the branded shop to collect their purchase. By introducing TataCliq, TATA enters into the vast eCommerce market of India, competing with the key players, focused towards the branded stock. According to Tata Group Chairman Cyrus P Mistry, TataCliq is a unique platform with dual benefits.

Most of the eCommerce site only has home based delivery solutions, but they don’t have any long lasting connections with offline stores. TataCliq combines both to offer access to buyers to collect their favorite product across 530 stores.

Needless to say, certain strategies are followed to keep this new venture unique from others. The first is Phygital factor offering a wide range of product online as well offline. Second is, offering sorted product list to give the best one and last a valuable after-sales service to keep the loyal customers engaged. Another benefit of offline connection helps buyers to have tension free after sales service. For example, returning the goods back to the store in case they are not happy.

With 90% stake in the new venture, Tata Industries has covered 690 cities for TataCliq. Consumers can buy a wide range of products like jewellery, watches, clothes, etc.


  • Tata Industries launches TataCliq, an online ecommerce platform with curated products.
  • It is a unique phygital platform that offers online as well as offline products.

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