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Tap Strap first one hand Wearable Keyboard

Tap Strap is a new wearable keyboard that will change the way we type on Smartphone. We probably use our thumb to type, but with Tap Strap you type through finger gestures.

Certain things are never touched by technology, for example typing. We have smart assistance on devices that can write and read for us, not upto the mark as they lack accuracy. The traditional way of texting is typing is slow on touch screen compared to QWERTY keyboard. Smart keyboard apps are available that predict words and sentences to save time. Still this is a manual process. Typing with one hand it is next to impossible. What user requires is lot faster and convenient way to type without touching the phone screen.  And that is not possible without an innovation.

We found a new device that stealthily made its way to ease typing. Called as Tap Strap, is a unique wearable keyboard that works with one hand. It has a pretty basic design but comes with amazing features. With 5 cutouts on the body and sensor, Tap Trap is capable of identifying finger gesture and covert them into text. The keyboard connects with Smartphone through Bluetooth and looks extremely easy to operate unless the user understands all the gesture.

With so many Smartphone’s around, texting is the most common thing we do everything with access to emails. Small screen size makes it the most uncomfortable device to work on. To cover come that wearable keyboard like Tap Strap is helpful in various ways. The keyboard does not demand any kind of special surface to work. It is capable to read hand gestures. Tap Strap is smartly designed that sync with Smartphone keyboard and make typing easy. The product appears in videos, and does not have a retail version yet.


  • Tap Strap a portable one hand keyboard that can make typing easy.
  • It syncs with Smartphone keyboard and works through 31 finger gesture.

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