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Take a Pick: 7 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasting in 2020

WordPress is a lot more than a blogging system; it is a powerful, comprehensive content management system (CMS). Any type of media can be published, organized, and managed with WordPress, making it a great solution for content creators of all kinds.

People who record podcasts have plenty of great ways to make WordPress an even more satisfying platform. Extending the default software with a carefully chosen plugin or two will turn WordPress into a specialized podcasting suite. The seven plugins that follow are the best of all at making this popular CMS even better for hosting podcasts.

1. PowerPress

It is possible to upload and serve podcasts using WordPress’s built-in functionality and little else. The PowerPress Plugin adds more than 100 features that make it far simpler to host and manage podcasts, whatever the focus and situation.

Migration tools built into PowerPress, for instance, allow podcasts to be easily imported from other sources. Having rock-solid Google Play and iTunes compliance means that PowerPress users will not need to worry about getting their podcasts listed. Aiming to provide helpful support of all conceivable kinds, PowerPress is a one-stop solution for serious podcasters.

2. Seriously Simple

Most podcasters enjoy informing and entertaining their audiences more than fiddling with virtual knobs and dials. The Seriously Simple podcasting plugin for WordPress is designed to do away with much of the usual technical busywork.

It provides help with such important duties as setting audio levels, ensuring that podcasts remain crisp and clean-sounding at all times. Even veterans will appreciate how Seriously Simple makes such tasks so much easier.

3. Smart Podcast Player

WordPress site visitors often want nothing more than to be able to listen to a podcast without trouble. The Smart Podcast Player plugin for WordPress does a great job of making this as easy as possible.

Streamlined and simple, it plays uploaded podcasts without ever getting in the way. Podcasters who already have other tools in place will appreciate how easy Smart Podcast Player is to set up.

4. PodLove

Analytics can make or break a podcast, because understanding an audience is the best way to cater to its preferences. PodLove includes advanced analytics tools that can be used to figure out how to tune a podcast’s approach and tone over time. Its modular design makes it easy to install and modify, while also making PodLove one of the more flexible plugins of its kind.

5. Libsyn

As one of the best podcasting syndication solutions around, Libsyn is a favorite of many successful content creators. The company’s WordPress plugin makes it even easier to leverage the reach and visibility that this popular platform affords.

6. BuzzSprout

With a generous free plan being available, BuzzSprout also features a premium service level that aims at accommodating particularly prolific podcasters. As one of quite a few full-featured WordPress podcasting plugins on the market, it offers everything from support for iTunes to an HTML-based player. Like certain alternatives, BuzzSprout is packed so full of capabilities and tools that it can take some time to master them all.

7. Featured Podcast Widget Sometimes the best way to earn a new listener is to surprise a visitor with an irresistible podcast. The Featured Podcast Widget for WordPress makes it dead simple to add links to your latest episodes wherever on your site they might make sense.

These seven plugins are among the best at making WordPress an even more capable podcasting system. Just about anyone who has a WordPress site can easily turn it into a high-quality podcasting platform by installing the right plugins.

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