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Women Pillars of the Wearables Industry
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  A study conducted by CCS Insight regarding growth of the wearable market segment predicts this market to be worth $25 Billion in the next five years. There was a time, when wearable were an untapped sector. Now, we can see many companies emerging in this segment. Indeed never forgetting

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Wearable device that monitors foetalheartrate and movements during pregnancy
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solutions for global challenge Finally we have the winner of the first regional bootcamp by “Dubai 100” in shangahi China. This event was based on the twin cities’ combined focus on nuturing innovation and entrepreneurship as a catalyst for future growth. Meet startup, MoDoo, a startup which has developed an

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Orion Labs, the startup that produces Onyx push-to talk wearable device has raised a funding of nine million dollars from Motorola Solutions Venture Capital and Avalon Ventures. The company will soon launch its product with new advancements like app enabled voice communication. There are already thousands of consumers for this

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