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While securing funding from a Venture Capital Firm (VCs) is the ultimate aim of a startup, and earns you a credible status in the world of banking and finance, there is very little that an average Joe knows about VCs. For starters, VCs are NOT a collection of wealthy individuals

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The greatest challenge for an entrepreneur to launch his startup and keep the business up and running is to acquire the necessary funds. An entrepreneur can get his/her funding from various sources right from the good old banks to the local (un)friendly money lender. However, the preferred mode of getting

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IDG Ventures India is a leading ($150 Million) technology venture capital fund firm in India. The leading player in the Venture capital market of India, IDG Ventures India Ltd has come up with Digital Consumer Innovators Program in order to hunt 15-25 new consumer-facing Internet startups and later, invest in

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