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While securing funding from a Venture Capital Firm (VCs) is the ultimate aim of a startup, and earns you a credible status in the world of banking and finance, there is very little that an average Joe knows about VCs. For starters, VCs are NOT a collection of wealthy individuals

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The greatest challenge for an entrepreneur to launch his startup and keep the business up and running is to acquire the necessary funds. An entrepreneur can get his/her funding from various sources right from the good old banks to the local (un)friendly money lender. However, the preferred mode of getting

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Celebrities endorsing products for companies and startups is nothing new. But now these very celebrities have entered into startup world and started investing their hard-earned money in them too. Amitabh Bachchan invested in Ziddu, a Singapore-based cloud storage solutions startup. Anil Kapoor has invested in an online video social network

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