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Startup Failure

Grofers India Pvt. Ltd. is a mobile online platform that connects millions of households in India with retailers, local stores, and even greengrocers. A company that aims to be a one-stop shopping destination for all the daily necessities of consumers. Users can place an order of their requirements through the

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Startup Blogs

According to GEM’s Global Report, a staggering 100 million businesses are launched globally, every year. However, it is believed that 80% of these startups fail within the first 18 months. This statistic takes the wind out of the glorified startup world’s sails.   The truth is that it’s not a truth. It’s a complete

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Startup-Buzz Exclusive

You have launched a startup, have done some really good work and are now looking forward to a bright future. Is it time to scale up? Not yet. Not so fast. It is a different thing to launch a startup than it is to scale it up. Thanks to the

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