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Traditional Marketing Methods For Your Start-Up That Still Work
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Whilst online digital methods are a popular way to promote your start-up you shouldn’t neglect to try out some traditional marketing methods too. The old ways can still be extremely successful in bringing in leads and potential sales to your business and really help you get off the ground. In

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Thriving The World From Archaic Technology To Artificial Intelligence
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How Tech came to be – and specifically, how it came to be what it is – is a continuum. It’s also a story of specific inventors and innovations; its needs to be seen in both context, one could say it began with the invention of Abacus – or with

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Women Pillars of the Wearables Industry
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  A study conducted by CCS Insight regarding growth of the wearable market segment predicts this market to be worth $25 Billion in the next five years. There was a time, when wearable were an untapped sector. Now, we can see many companies emerging in this segment. Indeed never forgetting

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Startup-Buzz Weekly Round-Up
Weekly Roundup

Get updated with the posts published on Startup-buzz media last week. If you were offline for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with the entire buzz! FUNDING – Checkout which startups raised funds. The First ever investment from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in Asia – Leading

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