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Read These Books To Be The Next Successful Entrepreneur
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You are what you Read! Successful Entrepreneurs are those, who learn from others and adapt what’s good for their business. Right from bootstrapping to your next step in business, you need to know real market conditions and challenges; how to overcome them and make it big? Business Books are sure

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Start-up Fundraising Pitch event comes to Bangalore!
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More opportunities outside Indian markets within reach! A global digital marketing service provider, Webfosys Networks, headquartered in Bangalore, in underway to organise an exclusive start-up fundraising event in Bangalore is collaboration with Shore International which is an angel investment firm from MENA region. This event will provide an opportunity for Indian

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Drone Technology Startups Of India Which Got Success
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Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have been in existence since the days of World War I. The earliest drones focused entirely on military applications. But, with technology becoming affordable, drone technology has filtered down into the lives of the common man too. Now, we have drone kits for children

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