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5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps Startups To Succeed
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Running a start-up, and everything that comes with it, is a complicated affair. There are multiple complex elements that need attention at all times and this probably has to happen with quite a small number of staff and limited resources. Marketing, whilst vital to the success and survival of any

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Traditional Marketing Methods For Your Start-Up That Still Work
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Whilst online digital methods are a popular way to promote your start-up you shouldn’t neglect to try out some traditional marketing methods too. The old ways can still be extremely successful in bringing in leads and potential sales to your business and really help you get off the ground. In

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Big Data Analytics Startups Which Are Intensifying Digital Data
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As world is turning into tech-savvy, the data is increasing day-by-day, here deep learning is playing an important role by giving prognostic analytics solution in big data with the help of increased processing power and advanced graphics processors. Big Data can be generally referred as to data that exceeds the

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Women Driving Digital Marketing Space on Their Own Terms
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Digital Brand Builders Mixing Marketing with Technology! Are women, good digital marketers? The answer is, yes. As you see, women are working shoulder to shoulder with men. No wonder, the digital marketing sector has some of those mavericks transforming the world with their digital sense. Here are some of those

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Flipkart CFO Funds Cyber Security Startup, Lucideus
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Startup values mentorship from investors more than their financial support Lucideus is a New Delhi-based cyber security startup. In recent times, this startup received funding from Flipkart CFO, Mr. Sanjay Baweja. However, the funding amount remains undisclosed. About Lucideus Co-founded in the year 2012 by Mr. Saket Modi, Lucideus provides

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Budget marketing tips
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Marketing is a constant flowing process required to keep the startup in the eyes of consumers. An effective marketing campaign act as a link between need and demand. It doesn’t matter what business you do, whether new or old, marketing is required to gather exposure. Nicely funded startups spend a

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Marketing is a broad concept, harnessing an effective marketing strategy on constant basis can help startups to boost their expansion. Marketing is a broad concept through sales point of view. It has many branches that can help companies to expand, sell their product and harness more and more consumers. Startups

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