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Read These Books To Be The Next Successful Entrepreneur
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You are what you Read! Successful Entrepreneurs are those, who learn from others and adapt what’s good for their business. Right from bootstrapping to your next step in business, you need to know real market conditions and challenges; how to overcome them and make it big? Business Books are sure

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Forest - One Application Interface For All Activities
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Get all your tasks completed under one roof with forest!  Ever wondered as an admin you had a platform where you could perform all your tasks and activities at once. Aren’t you tired of hopping between various applications for different tasks? Well you no more have to wish about it,

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Google Lining Experienced Executives like Shaun Stewart for its Self-Driving Cars Subsidiary
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Smart companies make smart moves! In recent news, the tech giant Google has hired Shaun Stewart as Director of Google’s self-driving car project. Stewart was the former head of Airbnb, an online marketplace that enables people to list, find and rent vacation homes for a processing fee. Google’s Hiring Plan

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The Restructuring of Flipkart’s Management with Binny Bansal
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Will new leadership bring new prosperity? The management at Flipkart needed a little tweaking as the company blooms into various diverse businesses including e-commerce, mobile payments, logistics, and two fashion portals. Leading the new management team will be Flipkart’s co-founder Binny Bansal as CEO. The Newfound Flow After the recent

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