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Start-Up Guides: How to Run A Small Food Business?
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When you’re running a small food business for the first time, whether it’s a kiosk, a café or a restaurant, you’re going to need to know how to handle, store and serve the food that you sell. Erudus, a company which stores and shares food labelling information within a data

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FoodPanda launches quality check program, Food Doctor
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Is the Food Doctor Program an initiative to help the company rope in greater masses? For the few who might not have heard of FoodPanda, the company is an on-demand free food delivery platform that caters to 4000+ Restaurants in India. Recently, the startup has launched a Food Doctor Program which

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This is How the Pune startup is Redefining Laundry Services
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The Laundry Bag Shows How It Is Supposed to be Done Started by three youngsters in Pune, Nalin Agarwal, Shourya Jain and Honey Jain, The Laundry Bag is a new startup that is redefining the way laundry has been done till now. While doing so, it is well on its

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