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Blockchain –Decoding The Myths
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There is lot being said and written about bitcoin & cryptocurrency altogether. Still, there is lot of misunderstanding among people over it, that’s when we thought how about we try to solve this mystery. After our last article on India’s probable ban on cryptocurrency, it got our writers curious to

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India has mushrooming startup ecosystem with whopping 1000 new tech ventures
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India, as of now has more than 1000 startups from different sectors like advanced technology, health tech, fintech, edtech, e-commerce etc. reports Nasscom. There is significant growth of 75 percent and 40 percent in the Artificial Intelligence and Analytics field. More than 1000 startups have been registered in the year

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Made in India Medical technology startups
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Healthcare becomes much easier with the emerging med-tech sector ! These days we see people in our vicinity falling sick almost everyday. Human health at present has been exposed to maximum risks ever experienced because of the alarming lifestyle and fading environmental scenarios.Made in India Technology  is indeed a well-known

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Wearable device that monitors foetalheartrate and movements during pregnancy
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solutions for global challenge Finally we have the winner of the first regional bootcamp by “Dubai 100” in shangahi China. This event was based on the twin cities’ combined focus on nuturing innovation and entrepreneurship as a catalyst for future growth. Meet startup, MoDoo, a startup which has developed an

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As the new candidates have already been chosen and America wants to make history again with the 1st ever woman president, after an African-American president, it’s important to dwell upon one of the biggest initiatives by President Obama: Healthcare reforms i.e. Obamacare. The best yardstick to understand how well the

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All Ease for Diabetic Patients!!! What is HealthPlix? Now days, technology is revolutionizing the healthcare sector and day-by-day startups are introducing new apps, which help patients in better treatment and healthcare. Bengaluru-based startup, HealthPlix, is one of such company that targets diabetic patients for better treatment process. The current team

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healthcare startup
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India is a home to 1.2billion people. Vast population signifies the amount of health requirements needed to sustain life. According to a report published by, the healthcare industry in India, will reach 280 billion in 2020. We gather a few key points from the report, it covers essential things

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eFyDo- Grow Healthy
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eFyDo  (Find Your Doctor Online) is an one-stop online healthcare service. eFyDo was build to change the healthcare system in India which is very old and needs technology improvements. We went live in late 2013 having its HQ at New Delhi and are connecting doctors, yoga trainers and patients together

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