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In Conversation with Somnath Meher, CEO and Co-founder, WitWorks
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How Blink is Going to Disrupt the Smart wearable Market! Witworks, an Indian consumer IoT firm, has just launched its first smart wearable called Blink, which is powered by Marvin OS, their own voice-based OS. Blink is now available for pre-order and starts at a price tag of INR 12,999/-.

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Smartwatches Seeing A Decline in Sales While Fitness Trackers Soar High
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Worldwide Wearable Markets Are Bullish If the latest report by IDC is considered, smartwatches, which have long since tried to capture the public’s fancy, are showing a downward trend in sales. Apple and Samsung, which are considered to be the major players in this category are also struggling to keep

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