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Everyone who is aware of latest and disruptive technologies and startups knows about PayPal. It was founded in the year 1998 by Elon Musk and various other key people. Now, the PayPal is renowned world’s largest online payment portal. Initially there were struggle running down the startup but during the

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NearFox Raises Funds From Clutch of Investors, Sets Sights on New York
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Towards New Heights! NearFox, a local lifestyle content and discovery platform headquartered in Mumbai, has recently raised an undisclosed amount from Globevestor Angel Fund, CoverFox CTO Devendra Rane, GenY Medium Co-founder and Ex-Principal of Ventureast Ravi Jain and Craftsvilla Products VP Arpan Nagdeve, among others. The company will use the proceeds

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NEDFi Launched $15 Mn Fund for North East Startup
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Good News for North East Startup Recently, North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd. has launched $15 Mn fund for the startups. The venture capital intends to boost up the entrepreneurship network in the NE region. Eight states are included in the North East province such as Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland,

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Kepler Communications Increases $5 Million to Develop In-Space Communication Network
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A Pioneering Approach! Kepler Communications About to Conquer In-Space Communications  Kepler Communications, a Canada-based startup has raised $5 million in venture capital to form a network of easily replaced, small satellites that create a real-time set-up through which internet of things (IoT) devices can converse, basically creating a cellular network

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