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Going Interstellar: Startups rocketing the Space Race
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Space Tourism on the go! Space was once a byword for fantasy and wonder.Very soon it became an astronaut’s domain. Currently, space is open for everyone. With Rocket and Satellite technology getting more accessible, Moon becomes the eighth continent to live. Thanks to entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

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Zencrate: A Kennel designed to Reduce Anxiety in Dogs
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No more Xanax for your loyal buddy! About ZENCRATE ‘ZENCRATE’ is a smart crate for dogs suffering from anxiety. PNP Robotics, a Florida-based startup designed ZENCRATE to express dog’s anxiety through technology. Mechanical engineers of PNP Robotics, Chris Lightcap, and Jonathan Azevedo created this unique crate using proximity sensors, sound

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