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You finally made it to college, and you’re all set for the coming semester. If you’re open to the idea of juggling your studies and making money on the side, working part-time is a good option. If you want to save time and money while hunting for a job, try

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Story Of Ellen DeGeneres
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Story Of Ellen DeGeneres Every TV geek knows who Ellen is. She is funny, smart, intelligent and gets all the famous personalities on her show; her top catch being Mr. Barack Obama. Well definitely this success looks glorious today but she had to endure lot of difficulties and struggle to

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Women Driving Digital Marketing Space on Their Own Terms
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Digital Brand Builders Mixing Marketing with Technology! Are women, good digital marketers? The answer is, yes. As you see, women are working shoulder to shoulder with men. No wonder, the digital marketing sector has some of those mavericks transforming the world with their digital sense. Here are some of those

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BYJU secures another $50 million in funding
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BYJU secures another $50 million With the ever increasing scope of Edu-tech companies in india, one startup is setting a new path forward for the next generation learners. BYJU’S, creator of India’s largest K-12 learning app, is reshaping the way students consumes digital content for their academics. BYJU’s learning approach

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Food experience platform VizEat bags
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VizEat is one of popular social dining platform in Europe which connects travellers and local hosts around an authentic culinary experience at their home. It is a unique way to exchange with people from all around the world and to discover new cultures around food. It has grown considerably from

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