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6 Tips to Protect Your Startup Success
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Congratulations! Your startup is on, running, and well on its way to landing on the Forbes Inc. 5000 list of fast growing companies. If this sounds like you, after giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back it’s time to look to the future. Employ some proactive thinking and poise

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How Improved Project Planning Can Increase Profits
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Measures to improve project planning Project planning balances time and resources against the project to determine the margin. A good project planner will be able to define the skill sets needed for a project as well as determine the milestones for each project. From creation of the project definition document

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How To Create Successful Financial Models For Startups
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Let’s assume you have an idea for a startup that you’re ready to pursue. What’s next? How do you know if this idea will succeed and be able to bring in sustainable revenue and how much money to raise from investors? This is when having a solid financial model is

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