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SmartAdvocate Case Study1
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Smart Advocate is a leader in the legal management software industry. For this to be said about any kind of brand in any kind of industry, it should have demonstrated a certain uniqueness that is hard to find in its competitors, apart from fulfilling the needs of its consumers. Smart

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Actionable Tips for SEO Marketing
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Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is critical as businesses want tips that turn into actions rather than theories. If you have ever tried to comb through the sites that offer jargon and little else, you know that it is not easy to turn their advice into actions that improve your

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State of Women Entrepreneurship in India
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Nearly 80% of women entrepreneurs self-financing their businesses in India Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Rajasthan and West Bengal emerge as top 5 states offering schemes to support Women Entrepreneurship: –       Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu along with West Bengal have highest number of women entrepreneurs

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Agilean’sSaas based solution flourishes businesses for higher Profitability
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                        30% higher productivity at 70% lesser cost – new Age Project Management Tool As per the TOI reports, Organizations waste `12.2 lakh for every `1cr invested due to poor project performance. This emphasizes the need for better project

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Did you know that Pokémon was originally an abbreviated form for Pocket Monster? The franchise started in 1995 and spawned various video game versions, a famous animated series, even movies, toys and comic books. The newest iteration is the Pokémon Go, a location-based, augmented reality video game for mobile phones.

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