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Blockchain –Decoding The Myths
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There is lot being said and written about bitcoin & cryptocurrency altogether. Still, there is lot of misunderstanding among people over it, that’s when we thought how about we try to solve this mystery. After our last article on India’s probable ban on cryptocurrency, it got our writers curious to

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“” Scores $3 million Funding from IDG & Kalari
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New era of digital business : moving from ‘Mobile First’ to ‘AI first’ Singapore based fintech startup,’s uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver virtual assistant banking services. This allows financial services companies to offer compelling UX that will simplify engagement via messaging platforms customers’ access in their daily lives.

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Monese App is here to Help Immigrants with Easy Banking
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Banking is not a Hassle for Immigrants Anymore Immigrants in various countries have a horde of legal issues that make many of their activities more intricate, but thanks to Monese, a new app allows immigrants to bank at a low rate and with an ease in the United Kingdom. Unlike

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Mondo Public Beta is out in UK. This app-only bank Mondo has raised £1 million in just 96 seconds.   Mondo is a bank touted to be as smart as your phone. It is in fact built for your smart phone. You can instantly receive a lot of updates on

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