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Artificial Intelligence And Chatbot Changing The Way We Connect With Banks
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Chatbots to become Standard of Service If you ever visited a bank branch in 2000s, you would have surely been familiar with the plethora of standing queues for deposit, withdrawal, pass book entry etc. Going to a branch back then would mean taking a leave from office which tells how

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weekly round up 20-10-16
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Get updated with the posts published on Startup-buzz media last week. If you were offline for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with the entire buzz through weekly roundup ! FUNDING  & BUSINESS : Paytm Touched A Record 5 Million Transactions A Day :  According to

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“” Scores $3 million Funding from IDG & Kalari
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New era of digital business : moving from ‘Mobile First’ to ‘AI first’ Singapore based fintech startup,’s uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver virtual assistant banking services. This allows financial services companies to offer compelling UX that will simplify engagement via messaging platforms customers’ access in their daily lives.

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