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Super Powers Of Sellers: Marketing Lessons From Pokémon Go

If you haven’t been living under the rock these past few days, you must have heard about Pokémon Go – the latest sensation to hit the gaming world. This real-time mobile game that empowers the players to catch Pokémons in the real world has held the entire world to ransom.

After games like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, and Fifa, no one really thought there could be something in the gaming world that could make the world go insane. But as always, technology and creativity proved everyone wrong. And how!

The game, which was launched at the beginning of July, has officially crossed more than a million downloads and the number continues to grow every day. Be it at work, at home, traveling, walking or even while driving, individuals are busy playing this game all the time. The game has become a phenomenon.pokemon-go

So how could it be that this apparently versatile game soared to such mind-boggling prominence in just a few days? Needless to say, a large portion of it boils down to a modest bunch of smart advertising standards which the company has created. Let’s understand them:

Timing is not everything, but a big part of it: Perfect timing is vital for a product launch

Pokémon GO’s launch planning was not only great but simply fabulous. The game was dispatched in the start of July. July is a great month for heading outdoors. Children are out of the school and most grown-ups tend to take a break from work to enjoy the summer season.  Thus, launching this game in July is giving people enough impetus to walk around town and catch a Pokémon or two.

Social etiquettes: Social media for product’s popularity

We are living in the era of word-to-mouth advertising, be it any sector. Online networking has turned into the Holy Grail for the marketers. Customers trust their companions’ and neighbors’ feedback more compared to the expensive movie star telling them to “go buy it” on TV commercials. Nintendo and Niantic’s promoting groups understood this and well before they launched, they started working on an online networking buildup. The sheer anticipation amongst the groups was contagious.

Customer is the king: Customer connection

How do you think the Pokémon brand has stayed mainstream all these years? What makes Pokémon exceptional, as compared to other franchisees? It’s the brand’s ability to connect to the customer. They connected advertising strategies, even before the start of the digital promotion. The reason behind the game’s notoriety lies in the fact that the establishment is continually releasing quality content. It has kept these little beasts in customers’ psyches even after decades. The generation that grew up watching Pokémon is presently in their late twenties and obviously, have a good spending power.customer connection

Easy does it: Easy to understand and play

This game is simple to the point that neither Nintendo nor Niantic tried to release an official instructional exercise. It is simple for beginners to get the game’s essentials quickly and get addicted, as compared to something that only the computer whizzes could play. There is no requirement for creating one of a kind systems or facing extraordinary abilities. You simply need to take a stroll around and stay alert to your smartphone’s warnings.

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Spreading love: Making like-minded people meet and greet

One of the biggest advantages of Pokémon GO is that it gets inactive individuals up and moving, unlike other games designed for couch potatoes. Furthermore, it connects people and provides a path for “like minded” individuals to communicate with each other. No wonder it is going viral.pokemon gathering

Wait there is more: Multiple rewards for each fan

This game liberally compensates its most loyal players, who put time and cash in building their Pokémon group. They get rewards, impetuses, and rec centers to run when they level up. Every strolling experience likewise procures them a prize in the form of an uncommon Pokémon. A reward that will help them win their future fights. These prizes lead clients through less dynamic parts of the story and keep them concentrated on playing.rewards

All news is good news: Stay in news

While the game has got all the right things going for it, the real highlight came when it hit the news for all kind of weird reasons. But, every piece of disturbing news has only brought it more fans. China’s attempt to ban the “American-Japanese game” fueling the conspiracy theories about determining and revealing the locations of Chinese military bases and other such sensitive areas, has made the Chinese want it really bad. The news of a New Zealander quitting his salaried job in order to travel the length and breadth of his country to get the Pokémons made headlines. Pokémon Go players have found dead bodies, met with accidents, fallen off cliffs and trespassed in all sorts of properties. All these news, strange and disturbing though have only managed to fuel further players’ interest.

The real deal: Have a good product

Well, it all boils down to this! You can sell a bad product with good marketing only once, not twice. The game is good, easy to play and addictive. Had it been a lousy game, no amount of crazy publicity could have made it a hit.

Sell the stuff: Marketing matters

The game was good, but yes, marketing did make a lot of difference. Without the marketing genius behind it, it might have made to the “Editor’s Choice” section, and would have never become the cult phenomenon that it is today. Yes the gamers made it go viral, yes it was a chain reaction, but remember, it was the marketing guys who threw the stone in the first place to create ripples. Good marketing can make all the difference, you just have to push the right buttons and watch the “explosion” and “chain reaction” follow. That’s how powerful marketing is! Talk about special powers…oh, that reminds us, did you get your Pokémons yet??

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These marketing lessons from Pokémon Go will definitely take you on the top. What do you think? Please comment below.
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