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Sultant offers Valuable Financial Advice and Insight via Cloud

Sultant is a cloud based financial advisor. It offers insights to Startups about their financial scenario and contributes in decision making. Beta version is about to launch on June 1st.

Finance advisor has a vital role in startups. Their insight contributes to the next course of action. The position is not easy to fill, in case it is hard to locate an experienced professional. Curbing the problem, a startup offered a platform that delivers a virtual financial solution to new startups. Called a Sultant, the startup aim to simplify financial insight and reports for small companies via cloud through a subscription. The beta version will launch on 1st June, 2016. Sultant is accepting signups for beta and the cost later will be $29 per month.

Acting as an online financial consultant, Sultant will help a lot of small business to take important decision whenever needed. Thus reducing the requirement to find a full time experienced Financial Advisor. It does not mean that Sultant can eliminate the position completely but for new startups and small companies it can help to get valuable insight and report. Through Cloud it is easier for entrepreneur to download reports and get insight. Helping them to take right decision associated with core financial issues of business.

Sultant is by Eric Plummer & Jared A. Crooks. They founded the platform with a requirement to have an easy online financial insight. It helps entrepreneurs to understand the scenario of existing financial condition. Sultant has a simple UI through executive desk, entrepreneurs can analyze financial scenario.


  • Sultant offers a cloud based platform for entrepreneurs of startups to understand financial condition and get a visual insight.
  • It helps entrepreneurs to get valuable advice and insight when needed to boost the business.

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