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Stuck with arranging your clothes after Laundry? Try FoldiMate


Folding Clothes is no more a chore!

Laundry is a time- consuming task. After that drying, folding and arranging the clothes for future usage is quite tedious. Your hard work can go to waste if your clothes are not nicely folded and remain crease- free for long time. For this very reason, many of you must have chosen to go for laundry services that cost money. What if you get an appliance that can do this for you? A San Francisco-based startup has developed a smart machine that can fold the clothes neatly by eliminating the wrinkles and adding perfume to them. Everything is on pilot mode. All you need to do is clip the cloth on FoldiMate. It cost around $850.

Foldimate uses steam to remove crease. The aim of this device is to ease your laundry chores. The product looks ideal for mums and housewives who dedicate their major part of the day’s time to laundry.

How Foldimate works?

Foldimate is a unique appliance for home usage. It is smartly designed to fold clothes in 5 seconds after laundry. It can hold upto 15 to 20 items like Shirts, Pants, Towels, under garments, etc. Once the clothes are clipped, the tray pulls them inside and robotics arms fold them properly. The size and length of the cloth is detected by Foldimate sensors, which identifies the amount of fold needed to keep the apparel wrinkle free.

Takeaways :-

  • FoliMate is a smart home appliance to fold clothes after laundry.
  • It uses sensors, trays and robotics arms to perfectly arrange clothes in 5 seconds.
  • The approximate cost of the device is $850.

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